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Corporate Testimonials

“I’m very pleased with what I’ve experienced with the Clean Energy Green Fair. I’ve learned a number of things from the vendors from personal green products to solar energy to web software that tracks people’s energy use and making incremental improvements in their lifestyle changes to better the environment.  It’s very exciting!”
Jim Robison, Facility Manager
Maxim IC, Sunnyvale, CA

“Clean Energy Associates is doing a great job of bringing sustainable solutions to corporate employees with their worksite-oriented Green Fairs.  Their events packs tons of education into an expanded lunch hour to educate employees about sustainability issues that affect us and our planet.  Employees want to know that their management share their environmental values, and a well-run green fair is an ideal way to communicate this.” 
Rick Row, Past President
Sustainable Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA

“The Green Fair produced by Clean Energy Associates was terrific.  The quality of the vendors was top notch, and the event was educational and fun.  Our employees and staff are now better informed about how to be greener at home and here at work.  The fair and the follow-up energy efficiency seminar also worked as a natural extension of the Green Team activities. It was a pleasure to work with the CEA event planning team.”
Emma Cutler, Human Resources
Genencor, Mountain View, CA

Exhibitor Testimonials 

"I have been very impressed with Tom and his GreenFair events! We have participated in a number of his Green Fair events because they are always well run and very well attended. He delivered on every promise he's made to our company. Tom is a proven businessman and runs excellent events!"
Tom Schaefer, CEO, Sunnyvale, CA

"Tom planned the green business fair which my employer participated in for at least the past three years. He was very well organized, kept me in the loop with timely and clear communications, and the event was well executed. Everything was well thought out and Tom and his staff were on hand personally to help vendors and see things through. Every year he adds a few improvements or innovations, such as simplifying exhibitor registration. Tom really "gets" events."
Isa Polt-Jones, Communications & Events Specialist
East Bay Parks, Berkeley, CA

"I had a booth at Tom's Maxim (Oregon) Green Fair and it was a great event. The format worked very well, it was well organized and supported by the sponsoring company. After it was over I felt the event was well worth the effort because the quality of attendees was very high.  Thank you Tom !!!" 
Allen Iverson, Manager
Pacific Builders, Portland, OR

"Our experience displaying our Light Benders products at the Maxim corporate event was very rewarding! We look forward to other events in Oregon and Washington with Tom's green fair company." 
Lora Creswick, Owner
Light Benders, Beaverton, OR

"Tom has been a great inspiration in offering businesses the opportunity to come together and network and market for a better "Green" environment for our entire community." 
Tom Smith, General Manager
Earth-Centric, Portland, OR

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